Thursday, 15 August 2013

You expect me to what??!!

We see it almost everyday on the news and in magazines. I'm not really sure how it could be classed as news, but seeing as things such as the marrow that weighed 8 stone, I sometimes wonder if there is a deficit of real news!

This "news" is about post-pregnancy weight loss.

You all seen it right? It was all over Twitter, people were annoyed, angry, upset. Katy Hill blogged about it. The Ok Magazine cover released one day after Kate Middleton gave birth. Yep, ONE DAY!

Now, anyone who knows me personally, will know how I feel about "The Royals". All the fuss, constant stream of updates through different media, the fact that it seemed we HAD to know what she was wearing everyday, how big her bump was, whether it was a boy or a girl, what their name was going to be - I mean, why? Ok, the first few months were the same with me when I was pregnant (not so much all over the news and social networks mind!) but people soon changed to asking "Haven't you had it yet?", which upset me more ways than one, for starters - he wasn't an it! He was my baby! But my point is - I didn't need or want to know what Kate was doing / wearing at any point in her pregnancy.

Millions of women give birth every year. I'll admit, I smiled when the papers confirmed the baby was healthy and when Kate's pregnancy was going well after the awful start. And I gave a little "Aww" - ok, I lie, it was a big "Awwwwwww" when Baby George was shown on TV. I'm very glad the birth went well and mum and baby were both fine.

Then we had the tweets, posts, articles about how amazing she looked less than 24 hours after the birth. Wouldn't you be if you had a personal hairdresser / makeup artist / who knows how many other people to help her achieve this look! I remember laughing at my midwife when she came to check on myself and Baby B about 3 hours after his birth, she said I didn't even look like I'd just had a baby! Yet I was led on the hospital bed, trying to get a few minutes sleep, my hair was scraped up in a wet bun, no makeup on my face (I don't wear it that often anyway), not even my toenails were painted! I felt a state but didn't care! My little bundle was asleep by my side. That was all that mattered!

The day after Baby B was born, we were out and about. People asked if I was superwoman, why was I out so soon, if I really was a human. I felt ok in myself, so made the most of the dry weather by going for walks along the canal with the kids.

I've enjoyed every minute so far, and the one thing that I'm not in any rush to do is lose weight! I'll do that in my own time and at my own speed. I don't care what others think of me, all I care is that my children and healthy and happy. I'm not overly massive. I'm tall, so carry my weight a little better, but admit I do need to lose a bit. But I will do that when I'm ready, not when magazines, papers, social networks and the like tell me I should!

Why do people get so obsessed by weight or how they look? I've told my girls enough times that pictures in magazines are normally airbrushed so to take no notice of what so-and-so looks like today. My eldest seems to understand and, even though she's reaching her teens, she doesn't seem so bothered that she has a little belly. My youngest girl, who's 10 next week, sometimes says "I want to look like her when I get older" - talking about some celebrity. I really hope she grows up thinking like her sister, they are both beautiful girls, and I tell them this everyday.

Do you have girls, or boys, that are self-conscious about their weight? Or what did you think about the whole Kate-Ok-weight loss saga?

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  1. Mine are 2 young to worry about their weight yet, but I really try to encourage them to eat healthily, which is the main thing