Saturday, 24 August 2013

OXO Tot Sippy cup set review

A couple of weeks back, we were sent a lovely OXO Tot Sippy cup set to review. As you know, Baby B is currently loving his solids, and I've been looking for a cup he can use for his juice, instead of his bottle.

This cup is brilliant because it grows with baby. You can use it as a sippy cup with handles whilst they are learning to grip, a sippy cup without handles when they get to that "independent" stage, a cup with a plastic bit in to limit the flow of liquid for when they're learning to not tip it straight up and the contents going all over their face, and a normal cup.

Mummy is a big fan! I love things that last and grow with the kids. This cup is really ideal for anyone weaning their baby - until it becomes "uncool" to use the same cup they have for years! Because of the extra bits, that's exactly what this cup can do! Be used for years. Even C at 12 years old had a try of it but was too camera shy!!


Baby B seemed to be a fan too! The only problem we had was that it was too heavy for his little arms to lift at the moment, but that will change as his muscles get stronger - he will soon be able to lift it! He had a good go at lifting it though, and he didn't do too badly. He even managed to chuck it out of his pushchair a couple of times. So, with not a mark on it, the cup certainly passed our durability test! With J's history of broken bottles, cups, plates - this is an absolute must!!

We've been using it everyday since receiving it and are so pleased with it!

Want to try one for yourself? Head on over to - the cup comes in aqua (as above), green or pink at a bargain price of £10.21. Think of how much you spend each year replacing cups as your baby grows - this cup will last forever! There is also a range of other cups and accessories all used for the important stage of weaning - and the funniest, I love seeing babies trying to feed themselves and getting it everywhere except their mouths!

Thanks OXO Tot for an absolutely awesome cup for Baby B :)

Disclaimer: I received the OXO Tot sippy cup set for free but all views are my own and 100% honest. I have not been paid for this article.