Monday, 5 August 2013

Sorry :(

Here we are, on yet another miserable morning. Mondays are not great at the best of times, and the weather just has to make it worse!

I need to apologise. I re-read my last post on here earlier and I felt terrible. It was honest, but maybe I should have thought more about the wording than going off on a rant! Think it could be down to lack of sleep and / or stress.

I mean, our house is busy normally anyway, but we are literally living on top of one another, and it's doing no good. The kids don't even have the space to play some games like they would - and I just want my kitchen back! I haven't been able to cook a proper meal in almost four weeks now, it's ridiculous! Instead of making the most of the glorious weather we had for a few weeks, we were stuck indoors waiting for people to not show up! And that's what irritates me the most! Why can't they call to say they won't be here? It'd take a minute at the most!

I just hope things change this week. Today started off well, the decorator knocked the door at 8.30am. So that's a start!

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  1. I hate when people don't call. It is just common courtesy.