Sunday, 4 August 2013

No #SilentSunday here....

The last few weeks I've participated in #SilentSunday. Not today, I've got too much to say, and I'll start with - I've had a gutsful!

As you know, we're having the kitchen and bathroom done. It's now going into it's fourth week, when I was promised it'd be done after 10 working days. My living room is filling to the brim of white goods and boxes filled with plates, cups, dishes, cutlery and everything else you keep in the kitchen!

On top of that, it's raining outside, and everyone knows how annoyed I get when there's no sunshine, even more so with two weeks of washing to catch up on! I can't even stick the dryer on because that's covered with boxes.

To add to another stack, C has a terrible attitude problem. It's seems to get worse as the weeks go on. When she was little, people used to say to me, "Wait until she grows up, boys are much easier!" and I never knew or understood why they would say that. Now I do! She hasn't even reached her teens yet, her PMT is worse than mine and I feel as though my throat is like sandpaper due to all the shouting matches we're having!

And the final "cherry" - Baby B is teething. His little toothys are just breaking through and they must be giving him real bad trouble, or he's realised he can annoy mummy too! I hope it's the first.

I've gotten to this point, I can't scream anymore, I've never had a day like this, I usually love having the kids home from school, but today I can't take anymore.

If you don't hear from me within a week, let the authorities know!

(PS... I'm only joking. I'm taking the kids over their nans so I can have a cuppa and some peace whilst they annoy their grampy!)

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  1. sounds like it had been a very stressful few weeks