Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bump to adult.... and all that in between....

The feelings. The expectations. The not-knowing. The old wives tales. The rumours. The constant change of "guidelines".

How, in this day and age, are parents supposed to be the best they can when things change constantly?

A few posts ago, I questioned the best time for weaning. Baby B is almost 22 weeks now, and really enjoying his solids! He has almost a full jar and a 9oz bottle at dinner! He really is a little greedy guts!

22 weeks. The time has flown by. Too fast in fact. It seems only yesterday I was sat sobbing at the very thought of having four mouths to feed, four running rings around me, four lots of birthdays, Christmases, need I go on?!

Baby B has been teething for what seems months! And all that's come of it, so far, is more dribbles, more cries and more washing of soaked tops and bibs! The others seemed to cut the first teeth a little quicker than Baby B, C almost had a full set of teeth just after 6 months!

And there's me rambling on again! Back to the subject matter.

Nothing really readies you for parenthood. While there are hundreds, probably thousands, of books you can read, sites you can browse, millions of other parents you can listen to their version - it will never QUITE make you ready to be a parent. You know what? I don't even think after four children that I know everything! (But if him indoors asks, I do know it all!)

Things are so different - between boys and girls, between 2000 (when C was born) and 2013. Even between now and 1984, my birth year. Conversations with my nan confirm that things were very different back in the 1950s and 1960s when she was bringing her children up! Go back even further.... you get the picture!

So, what I can't understand, is why parents are trying to live up to what other people "think" is right?! As long as your baby is happy, healthy and loved, what does it matter when they *should* be crawling, when they *should* be walking? I'm known to not give a monkeys about guidelines for walking, for instance. When my kids are ready, they'll walk. I've never forced them, same with potty training. I bought them a potty, but never made them sit on it for hours.

What do you think?

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  1. yes, there is a heck of a lot of advice everywhere, but I is never a one size fits all. every person and situation is different.