Thursday, 15 August 2013

I'm Spinning Around: The Latest Washing Machine Technology Explained

I love my washing machine! Having four children makes it essential that I have one that does the job properly! As the family has grown, so has the drum size. Until recently, I had a lovely big 9kg drum. It meant I could wash my double duvet with no worries - and I love sinking into a bed with clean bedding on, don't you? Unfortunately, my beloved 9kg died, so I've had to put up with a smaller 7kg since. But it does the job, so won't complain!

Browsing the internet looking for our ideal machine, I am suprised at how advanced the technology is becoming! I found one that basically irons your clothes! There's even talk of machines being controlled by smartphone apps! That's one I would use the most I think, the amount of times I've gone out and forgotten to press go on the machine!

What about when things go wrong? My 9kg machine, for example, just stopped working one day. I didn't know what was wrong, until I opened it up (I do not suggest you do this!) and seen the motherboard was knackered! It could have been easier if I had used a smart washer app (available for Samsung) - you just use your phone camera to scan an error pattern on the display and it tells you what's wrong! How amazing and easy is that?!

Now I just need one to cook and clean the house too and I'll be very happy!

After a new machine? Why not take a look on - they have a massive range of all electrical equipment you may need, and it's cheap too! At some point, we'll all have to replace an appliance, keep this page bookmarked for that time and don't forget to pass it on to friends and family!

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  1. thanks, have bookmarked for future reference!

  2. The're certainly getting more advanced, but then there's more to go wrong. Also alot of the washing options are a waste of time as the washing still looks, smells, feels the same whatever one I use.