Friday, 2 August 2013

The strength of smell

We've all been there, haven't we?

This week alone, I've had three separate incidents of wishing I couldn't smell!

The first, sat on the bus going into town. Hot weather + sweaty people = not very nice smells. I know I know, it's a natural thing, but I can not stand the smell of sweat. It really makes me feel sick. I am very conscious of my own scent, and make sure the girls wash and use deodorant before going anywhere!

Another time was while we went swimming on Wednesday. After swimming we were getting changed when I heard someone pass wind. They didn't excuse themselves and the smell that came creeping over and under the door was disgusting. I'd smelt better dogs doings! Heaving, I moved change rooms.

And finally, last night, Baby B was teething really badly. He settles when he's being cuddled so I picked him up from his bouncer chair and he let an almighty one rip! My goodness, I've never heard anything like it before now! And the stench - that's right, it was worse than just a smell! I swear I could even taste it at one point. Yuck!

It made me think back to a fact I had heard a few weeks back.

"A male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth up to 7 miles away."

Wow! Can you imagine smelling someone 7 miles away? I wouldn't want to even contemplate the smells I would smell within a 7 mile radius. Mainly because I live about 200 metres from a farm. The smells coming from there in summer, especially in this lovely heat we've been having, is sometimes unbearable. I have to shut the windows it's that bad!

Shame I don't live with vanilla or blossom growing around me - those smells I love!

What is your favourite smell? And which smells do you not like?

Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum


  1. wow all due respects to the male moth!

  2. i love the clean smell after it has rained.

    PS. I HATE HATE HATE moths.

  3. I can't abide smelly sweaty people - there's just no excuse for it. It doesn't cost much to have a wash.