Friday, 9 August 2013


It's Friday! Everyone's happy on Friday, right?

Nope! Not me!

The day did start off great, a nice lie-in, no workmen, and the day I get to move everything back into my kitchen, which I've done without for the last four weeks! I even managed to cook our first proper meal in it last night! Isn't is terrible that all I have wanted is my kitchen back?!

Then things changed. The manager of the workmen came. He left with a list as long as my arm with things that needed doing. Only little bits like connecting the outside tap, attaching the shower, little 30 minute jobs. But those 30 minute jobs soon add up, especially when they need doing by different people, and they could take another two weeks to complete! I feel like screaming! I managed to fill two cupboards of plates, cups and the like, so now had to remove them all again [insert sad / mad / fed up smiley face here!]

I told myself it was for the best and once it was done, that was it! So, I cheered up. For a short while....

The letter box clashed. "It's the post mummmm!" T shouted. She ran off to get it, and returned with a big, flat box. Not knowing what was in there, I studied it. It was the photobook I'd ordered from - I'd won a voucher with Chat magazine and thought it'd be nice to make up a photobook for the kiddies grampy.

I'd spent hours picking, designing and customising the photos to make it right for him. I wanted to give it to him for christmas, so had to get it right. Eventually, it was ready to order. The process overall was fantastic and I was really looking forward to receiving it.

However, when I opened the parcel this morning, I was gutted! The first couple of pages were great. It looked exactly like I had designed it. Then I got to this page:
Ok, so it doesn't look that bad. Except the picture on the left has been zoomed in and half T's head cut off!
I kept flicking through.

The picture on the left here is one I took when we went out with their grampy to a local history museum. Here, they were posing with an old fountain - one their grampy had said he loved.

The picture on the right is one of Baby B's first smiles. Or supposed to be anyway.

The next page, I was absolutely devastated by now. This photobook was supposed to be something he could treasure and keep forever. Children aren't children for long, they soon grow up and these memories were supposed to be something he could look back on in years to come. All my hard work of getting the pictures right, wasted!

And then, the final blow.

I mean, as much as I love Baby B's nose and J's "Purple Minion" teeth, I did not want a picture of just them. Why was this not spotted before going to print? Why were the pictures re-sized? What am I supposed to do now?

After having a little sob, I decided to email - I'll update you when I have a reply.


  1. Ohh no how awful! I hope you get a replacement x

  2. Hopefully you'll get a helpful reply from them

  3. How disappointing I hope you get a replacement xxx

  4. oh that's a shame, I hope they sort it out for you