Monday, 7 October 2013

Where has the year gone?

It's October. Almost the second week of it in fact. Where is this year going? The kids are growing too fast, Baby B will be 28 weeks tomorrow, yet it feels like just last week I was holding a little baby in my arms, snoozing 18 hours of the day. Now I have a cheeky, talkative, little monster in the walker giving me little "I'm a good boy really" smiles and blowing kisses!

I have to admit, I love babies at this age - they start to build their character, no longer "boring" as my dad says, they don't just sleep, drink and poop! Of course, they still do all those but with other traits added into the mix! The only thing I am really not liking is the amount of dribble. You see, you can almost guarantee that at the precise moment I pick Baby B up for a play, or go in for a kiss, he has plenty of dribble to pass over to me. I get soaked, I may as well have gone for a bath! It's all down to his teething, he didn't dribble at all with his first two teeth, but since the top ones have started coming, his mouth is like a little waterfall! Apart from the amount of his clothes I've had to wash this week due to wetness, I'm glad he's following suit of his sisters and brother. They all teethed really young and had all their teeth before 9 months old. I think they all teethed for around 6 months, so they didn't suffer too long, I just really hope Baby B is as lucky.

Back to it being October. Today is the 6th, which means it's my dads 50th birthday.
In just 81 days it'll be Christmas day. I can hear the gasps of horror! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I have, but only because I was lucky enough to win some shopping vouchers last week. I've promised myself I won't be going overboard with presents this year as the kids have so much stuff. Between buying and winning things, their bedrooms are full of toys, clothes and goodness knows what else! Time for another clearout I think!

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