Thursday, 26 September 2013

DC Super Friends comic review

J was sent a copy of DC Super Friends comic to review.

J is a massive fan of the DC characters, his favourite are Batman and the Green Lantern. As you can see from the picture, he loved it! He spent hours looking through before I could get anywhere near to take some pictures!

The comic is priced at £2.99 - compared to other comics that J enjoys reading, I think is very reasonably priced. You can subscribe, which is cheaper, at a price of £33.00 for 13 issues (saving 15%) or £7.80 a month (saving 20%)!

There is a free gift every issue, we had communicators with this issue and J loved that he could change the pictures in them!

J and C read the comic together, J's reading skills are slowly improving so he needs his sisters to help, C said she enjoyed reading it as much as J. There's plenty to do inside when they've finished reading - activities, colouring, cut-out and keep, even a competition!

Playing with the Cut-out and keep mask!

Even Baby B got involved!

J's already begged me to buy the new issue when it comes out, which I will be doing. It has so much to keep him entertained through those common "I'm bored!" times.

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of DC Super Friends for free to review. However, our opinion is 100% our own.

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