Friday, 20 September 2013

Tommee Tippee Review

I am a huge fan of Tommee Tippee. Since C was born, the only bottles I use are Tommee Tippee. I always found they were more durable and better value for money than other brands. So I jumped at the chance when I was offered a few items to review!

My regular readers will know I'm weaning Baby B and he's teething at the moment. I was sent a first beaker, a set of heat sensing spoons and a lovely trio teether.

Baby B loves the trio teether! As soon as I gave it to him, in his mouth it went!

I had to encourage him to use the different surfaces on it - there's three different ones;
cool, soft and hard.

He seems to prefer the soft one at the moment (number 2), I think as he gets a few more teeth he'll move onto number 3.

Next up were the spoons.

Now, we've all been there - out shopping with the baby when dinnertime arrives, you get a jar of food and the spoon and somehow end up with more food on your hands / arms than in babes mouth! Well these spoons are great for avoiding that!

With their long handle, the spoon is comfortable to hold and so easy to use. Slightly soft, it'll even get the last littles scraps in the jars or tins. The handle also means that your hand is out of the way of the spoon and you won't get messy while feeding, your hands anyway! It also means there is plenty of room for babe to grab on if they want to, Baby B is starting to do that, he *has* to hold the spoon too!

See his hand going in for the grab? Little monster!

Another great thing about these spoons are that they are heat sensitive! All parents worry if the food is too hot and these spoons will tell you, by form of changing colour, if it is! How cool is that?

And finally, the "first beaker".

A lovely little cup which I thought was simple to use. Note: when you've filled the cup up, make sure the nozzle is pointing upwards (so open) otherwise the air will get trapped and when you do open it, you'll get a squirt in the face - just like I did. You'd think after four kids I would know these things!

Baby B loves holding things in his hands now and loves to put them in his mouth even more! So I thought he'd love this.

Nope! His little arms aren't strong enough to lift a cup of juice yet so Mr Independent had to put up with mummy helping him to drink it! It is a better cup than some others because it has nothing slowing the flow of the juice but, of course, that also means it sometimes flows too fast and goes everywhere. But I think in a few weeks when his arms are a little stronger, he'll love it.

Many thanks to Tommee Tippee for these items and thank you for the help through your products in teething, weaning, feeding and play over the years for me!

Disclaimer: I received the items for free but all views are my own and 100% honest. I have not been paid for this article.

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