Saturday, 21 September 2013

Dresses, dresses, dresses!

In October we have a family wedding, so I've been looking for some dresses for my two girls to wear. C is really tall for her age, so we normally need to buy adult clothes for her and, of course, having to pay more for this privilege!

But after looking on the New Look website, I've found a lovely selection of dresses that I am struggling to choose from for them both!

For C, age 12, I picked this lovely skater dress.
She looks lovely in this colour and with her figure, this dress would sit perfectly. It's a bargain at just £14.99 too!

For T, age 10, because she is chunky, I've chosen this Floral layered dress.
The black top will slim her down to her hips, which she unfortunately inherits from her mum (sorry babes!), and the ruffles will disguise them.

There are so many beautiful dresses on there, I dare say I'll change my mind again before the wedding!

Now just to find mine!

This post was sponsored, we received vouchers but that did not change our opinion.

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