Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bizzybee Gloves review

As any mummy knows, or daddy for that matter, children come hand-in-hand with mess. Whether it be muddy shoes, toys strewn over the floor or little puddles of water over the bathroom floor after their bath - us parents need to be on our toes, ready to sort it out! Little messes I can cope with, but any that require cleaning fluid (like mopping the floor, wiping down the sideboards, even washing the windows!) are part of my nightmares! You see, my skin is really dry, so wearing rubber gloves irritates them, and I don't know what it is about the smell - it's just something I don't like.

So, when Bizzybee sent me two pairs of gloves to review I hoped they would help rid me of my scares!

The first pair, moisturising gloves, I was looking forward to using the most. On the Bizzybee website, they are described as "A brand new glove with built-in TLC" and I really couldn't agree more! 
 As soon as I put them on, I noticed the difference between them and normal rubber gloves. These were softer, it was like they had a velvety lining inside. They are also latex-free, which is great for all those who suffer with the allergy!

They were so lovely to wear while washing up. I'm not usually one to wear gloves whilst doing the dishes, but I will be from now on! They were so comfortable, so soft, and I couldn't feel the heat of the water either! Perfect for washing Baby B's bottles in!

The only downside to these gloves are they're not available in any size except medium. They were perfectly sized for me but would be no good for anyone with big hands, including the Mr., even though it'd be a struggle to get ANY gloves on his hands! *chuckle*

The second pair, scouring gloves, seemed a god-send. Come on, hands up, who has left a pan on the stove for a little-bit too long? Who has burnt something in the frying-pan?  I'll admit it if you do! In fact, I'm the master of leaving pasta in the pan for too long! Ask the kids, they'll tell you - mum always gets distracted when cooking pasta - nothing else, just pasta! Do you realise just how hard it is to get burnt pasta off the bottom of a pan?

For the sake of this review, I did the unspeakable. I left the burnt pasta in the pan for 48 hours. Shock! Horror! Arghhhhh! Yep, I did just that. I'm not proud of it, I hate foodstuff left anywhere, let alone in a dirty pan on the sideboard in my lovely new kitchen. Yes, 48 full hours or torture! Of course, it was no problem for the Mr. and the kids, they didn't even see it there. But I knew I had to do it to test these gloves out properly!

Disgusting, 48-hour old burnt pasta!
And what a shock I had with the results!

They fitted comfortably, these are available in size large, so better for the bigger handed. The scourers were over the palm and fingers of the right-handed glove so, again, no good for the Mr. (being left handed) but, again, no gloves on his hands!

The first and second finger had scourers that went over the tips, perfect for those corners that are hard to reach!

All I added into the pan was a drop of hot water and left it for a minute to soak. Even without any washing liquid, the burnt pasta came away so easily! I didn't even have to scrub hard, so minimal effort for maximum result!

These gloves are amazing, a mother's work is always hard, but these make it that bit easier!

All sparkly clean!

So, thank you Bizzybee! You gave me something I will cherish for a long while! They might look like just a pair of gloves to you, but they are my helping-hand!

Disclaimer: We were sent the two pairs of gloves for free to review. However, our opinion is 100% our own.

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  1. I tried the washing up gloves too. Lovely, but agree with you regarding sizing. Love your hubby comment - I have one like that too!! x