Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Kids capture the colour competition!

When I seen Travel Supermarket were holding a competition for kids, I couldn't wait to get J behind the camera. Almost every week I have to go through my phone to see what pictures he's taken, or edited. The record so far is 693 - 200 of which were Baby B's nose. "But it's so cute mum!" was his response when I queried why so many.

Just one of the photos J has taken with my phone!

We were sent a camera for J to use. He didn't take a minute to get it on and going - another 5 pictures of Baby B's nose! This was going to be tricky! But out on trips he wanted to take as many pictures as he could! So here we go!

For the WHITE category,

Harvey is a "Very big, very white rabbit, just like the one that should come out of a magician's hat!" - J

As J pointed out, there's no snow to take a picture of - so he opted for his grampy's rabbit instead.

For the YELLOW category,

"My favourite thingy mum HAS to be in the competition!" - J
A yellow minion. J loves Despicable Me, as do we all, so he had to get this in for the yellow category!

For the GREEN category,

"The pelican is on green grass though mum! That will count!" - J
I did try to explain, but he was having none of it! He wanted this picture of that pelican on the green grass.

For the RED category,

"Postman Pat's van is red! I want him to be in it!" - J
Of course, he was correct. Postman Pat's van IS red. And J did have lots of fun that day at Longleat!

And finally, for the BLUE category,

"Watch us splash!" - J & L
I did try to explain that he needed to take all the pictures but he wanted a picture of his cousin L and himself splashing in the pool after it sprung a leak! "We had so much fun mummy, I want to remember it forever and ever!" - so he asked his sister, T, to take the picture for him.

So that was J's entry into the Kids Capture the Colour competition! He had lots of fun taking photos all over the summer - look out for more soon!

(And J)

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