Sunday, 20 October 2013

Please don't share!!

At one point we've all seen it. Friends or family on Facebook sharing random pictures. Some are Memes and are really funny! Some are of missing people and I always share these in the hope that it will reach that one person that holds vital information! Some are of scammy competitions, I spend ages trying to explain to some that they are fake and so noticeably fake! Like the current one, "Argos." see the fullstop? That's how you know it's fake! Facebook really need to clamp down on these pages, especially the ones offering 1,692 iPads because the security film is damaged and they can't sell them! (!!) I mean, really?

But they're not the posts that concern me most.

It's those ones of abused babies and children. The latest, about a boy called "Chris" who was supposedly murdered by his own father. I know this happens. A few posts ago I wrote about the subject. I'm not trying to hide the fact that it happens. Far from it! But, tell me, what good does it do to share the picture of the little baby black and blue? It won't stop it from happening to someone else. All you are doing is giving the person / people who abused that poor child the attention that they crave.

By all means, share a post of writing. Tell the world, or at least your friends, family and any followers, how you feel about this and to report anything they feel is even the slightest suspicious. Babies don't have a voice. We adults are their voices, we need to protect them!

So please think hard before you share that picture again. We need to help these innocent children but not by sharing the pictures of their abuse.


  1. A while ago there was a picture of her little girl in hospital....You were supposed to like and share and when it got over 10000 likes the girl would get a heart transplant.....The sad thing was my friend Julie was the girls mother....Zoe the little girl had her heart transplant about 4 years previously but had sadly died since....It was heartbreaking for my friend!! People don't think about how much heartache they cause when sharing pictures which have been stolen....

    1. Oh Kim that's awful! It breaks my heart whenever I see these posts being shared. How people think that it'll somehow help I don't know. As shown with your friend, it causes even more grief than necessary :(

  2. A lot my friend share these sort things,I have tried to tell them it's pointless and sharing pics of these things doesn't help the child or animal in the picture,but they don't understand,and think they are truly helping