Sunday, 21 July 2013

Divine Chocolate Review

*All opinions are my own. I have not been paid or received anything for this post. The items I have reviewed were part of a prize*

Upon opening my email a few weeks back, I seen one from Marie Claire Magazine. "Congratulations you have won a Luxury Hamper of Divine Chocolate treats worth £55 with Marie Claire". As expected, the kids were very excited about this one! Ten days later the package arrives. Upon opening, the kids were gobsmacked.

Of course, the kids wanted to try a bit of everything, and the Chocolate Bees didn't last very long! They were definitely my favourite!

The girls loved these white chocolate and strawberry hearts. They really were tasty! They made me think of the little favours you get at weddings - and the perfect shape too!

I'm not a fan of Ginger so let the girls tuck into these too. C informed me they were lovely, not too strong and I *HAVE* to buy her some for Christmas!

The milk chocolate eggs were gorgeous! Not too rich or sweet, they didn't last long! Again, I let C have the dark chocolate eggs, I'm not too keen on dark chocolate. She said they were like "heaven in my mouth".

The chocolate bars we shared with family a few days later. They all enjoyed each one - my favourite was the hazelnut milk chocolate bars - yum!

So, thanks Marie Claire magazine - it's safe to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our prize!

We'll definitely be visiting the Divine Chocolate Website soon!

The Divine Chocolate Story


  1. wonderful! I would have snaffled my way through them very quickly!

  2. Noooo you chocolate enabler I'm trying to cut down on chocolate, but I really want some now.