Friday, 19 July 2013

A week down.... how many more to go?

It all started a week ago.... well, a week and a day if I'm being precise. Images, terrors, nightmares - what was going to happen? What should we expect? All we were told was the kitchen and bathroom needed to be emptied entirely and it "could" take 15 working days.

Eurgh, if only I knew!

The workmen came in last Thursday and ripped out the kitchen cabinets and knocked the partition down. They finished it in 3 hours so, by 11.30am, they had gone. Friday they came in and took all the titles off the walls in the kitchen and bathroom. Again, they were gone by 11.30am.

After a long Saturday spent in the attic making some space for the rewire due to start Monday, I was shattered! It didn't help that it was so, so hot outside and the attic felt like a sauna! Sunday I had just about given up! If it wasn't enough, tough! I didn't have an ounce of strength left in me and really needed to relax and unwind. No chance of that though!

Monday came round and we were up and ready, waiting for the knock on the door at 8am (the time they promised they'd be here to start!) 10.30am came and I phoned the office - why did they make us wait? It was bad enough having it done anyway, let alone having to wait for them. Eventually, two guys turned up at 11.30am. They decided it was too late in the day to start.

I won't go into the little details but their manager wasn't happy, he came later that afternoon. Fast forward to Tuesday. They came in, they worked, they finished in a day instead of two. I really can't praise them enough. It was hot and muggy and they worked their butts off! I now have so many plug sockets I need to buy more electrical things to fill them all! (I don't really, I don't want to fill them all!)

And between Wednesday and today we've had the new toilet and bath put in, the plaster done in the kitchen (needed a new ceiling and to plaster around the rewire job), and the wall in the bathroom has now gone!

We're getting there. Slowly.

 Before (top left) and after (top right) of our bathroom.

The kitchen with floor tiles (middle left and right).

The kitchen without floor tiles (bottom left and right).


  1. Seems like they're getting there....Hope it's finished soon...There's nothing worse then having workmen coming and going and the mess x

  2. always a bit of a hassle, but so worth it in the end!