Sunday, 30 June 2013

A quick apology!

Hello you lovely people!

This is only a quick stop to say hi and that I haven't left. Almost two weeks ago, I had the not-so-bright idea of upgrading our broadband to fibre optic. Plusnet (our provider) promised there would be a maximum 2 hours break in Internet connection while the engineer completed the job - yet, here we are, 11 days later still without Internet!

We've had tests run on the lines, two different engineers have been out and still no solution in sight. It's a nightmare, not just because I really need to be connected, but because the girls have both come home this week with research homework, which is impossible to do from home unless you are connected!

So Plusnet, this is a friendly warning, you'll be having yet another call from me tomorrow, and it had better be sorted this week, or I'll be asking for my readers opinions on different providers!

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and I'll keep my fingers crossed I can update really soon!

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