Thursday, 6 June 2013

A (late) Mid-week Catchup!

I hope everyone had a lovely half term week last week, or are having one if it's this week. It's almost the second week of June already, where is the time going? Baby B is now 10 weeks old, yet it still feels like only yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital.

There are certainly not enough hours in the day. I'm sure many mummies, well daddies too, would agree with me on that one. I have been constantly on the go the last few days and with minimal sleep (my own fault!) makes me a grumpy cow. I still have so much to do here, I shouldn't even be sat down right now! So I better get on with this post!

I just wanted to let you all know about a  few things that are going on despite my "Big clean-out".

I'm currently reviewing some lovely skin cream. It's called DermaSalve, and it's from the lovely people over at Skin Salveation, why not pop over and take a look, or you can contact them on Twitter.

My daughters, especially C, suffers really badly with eczema, and I get so annoyed when special creams do nothing for her. We've been back and forth to the doctors over the years trying to find something that will work for her skin. At the moment, it seems to be doing it's job. She hasn't complained about it being itchy and the redness is going down.

The full review will be available shortly!

Finally, before I get back to it, I wanted to let you know I am so excited! I've been invited to my first Blogger event! It's at the new store opening of Kiddicare in Bristol! I love Kiddicare, so I am snapping up this opportunity to go! It's in Bristol, which means a nice little train ride for me and the boys (the girls are in school) and they get to play and have fun too! So keep your eyes open for my post about my trip out!

Catch you all soon :)

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