Thursday, 23 May 2013

And so it starts.....

For the last few years, our local housing association have been putting in new kitchens and bathrooms. It was going to happen eventually, but I was hoping we'd have a while longer until it was our turn. But we have the planner coming next week to go through what will happen, what colours I want, and to discuss all the bits in between. Now, most people would love a new kitchen and bathroom. Not me. Well, not right now.

I have a secret. I've not told anyone before now, and I need to do something about it.

You see, I am a Hoarder. No where near as bad as those we see on the programme on TV - as I do like to move easily - but my attic is full of junk. Any cupboards that aren't for clothes, are full with junk. I have kept almost everything from when the kids were little. Their first drawings, work sent home from school, toys, books, the list goes on. I've always threatened to throw it all out. I'm good at that. It's the departing with it I don't want to do. But now I have to.

The workmen will need to re-wire the house before starting any work, something that I've been asking them to do since we moved in almost 8 years ago. I've never decorated, purely because when our flat was re-wired, the wallpaper got ripped, marks were left on paintwork and, in my opinion, the place looked worse than it did before they started! For the first 6 months after we moved into the house, I kept on to them, asking them constantly to re-wire the house before we unpacked properly. Since then, the house still stands un-re-wired, un-decorated and un-homely!

 Don't get me wrong, my house isn't dirty. I sometimes let it get messy (I do have four kids you know!) but give it a good clean at least once a week. I think I need more storage, but then that'll be adding to the problem not helping it. And I hate throwing out things that aren't broken. I have sets of books (the girls are avid readers) that are too good to chuck, no local charity shop will take them and I don't drive so can't do a car boot sale. I've tried a certain auction website but with postage prices rises I'll lose money or they won't sell.

So, the "Big Clean-out" starts..... just one small problem.

Where do I start?


  1. I know how you feel. I find it really hard to get rid of any of the children's things but I've had to lately to make a bit of extra cash. I found that putting a few things on eBay, or selling to my friends, gave me motivation to make more money so now I keep going. I would say start with the things that will make the most money as it will motivate you more. If you don't want to do eBay then what about setting up a selling page on Facebook?

    1. I used to sell on eBay a lot a few years back, but the fees are getting too much for little sales and now with the postage rises I wonder if it's worth the time. And I tried doing a selling page but again, it's the postage that'll ruin it.

      I have put a few bits up on my local sale page, just need people to be interested now :)

  2. I'm a hoarder too. It's beginning to drive my parents mad, because I keep going and leaving stuff in their house too! I think I'm just going to have to make myself sell stuff on ebay...

  3. Why dont you try facebook for selling things? see if your area has a facebay page.

  4. I know how you feel! I've just come back from university, and managed to get so much stuff throughout the year somehow.... and it barely fits into my bedroom at home! As other people have suggested, ebay and facebay are really good for reducing your stuff, plus you get money from it. Car boots are another good idea.. and donating to charity :)

    Good luck getting rid of it all!

  5. You are not alone, I need to de-clutter and organise so badly its not funny!

  6. sorry to hear of that, whilst not a hoarder i struggle to throw things out and like collecting things 'in case i need them' .

  7. Good luck with your clear out, I find it hard throwing things out too.